Abstract Submission Guideline



Colleagues who are willing to submit abstracts to the 29th congress should take the following points into consideration:

1.  Abstracts could be submitted from 5th May 2019 to 6th Aug 2019 


2. Abstracts should only be submitted through the website and abstracts sent through other methods such as email, fax or by post will not be accepted. The author has to registered in the congress website before submission of abstract.


3. The following points should be taken into account, when filling in the abstracts form:

•         The abstracts form should be filled in English.

•         The title should be brief and descriptive of the content of the paper.

•         Please name author/s name/s including presenting author in the “authors” and  “presenting author” sections.

•         Type of presentations such as (oral, poster, poster or oral) should be mentioned in “Presentation Type” section.(final decision will be made by the committee)

•         Please indicate the main subject of the paper in the “Subject” section.

•         The abstract should be filled in the related form and should not be longer than 300 words.

•         The abstract should obey the standard structure of scientific papers (including objective, method, findings and conclusion).

•         Abbreviations which are mentioned for the first time in the paper should be explained between parentheses. (except standard abbreviations)

•         For further editing, you can use your username and password within the text specified time period.


4. Since abstracts will be published in its original form without editing, it should be written according to standard writing style and checked for any dictation errors.


5. There is no limitation in terms of number for abstracts submitted by every participant.


6. The participants will be notified of the receipt of the abstracts through their emails.


7. Papers approved by scientific board of congress will be announced through emails to the senders until 23rd Sep 2019.


Registration is mandatory for participants sending abstracts and the presenting authors should be registered for the congress before abstracts submission.


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